Rebecca De Alba Joins The Kunlun Spokesperson Family

According to Watch House, during the International Salon in Mexico, the Kunlun brand announced an official cooperation with Mexican actress Rebecca de Alba, and she also became a member of the Kunlun family.

 The reason why Kunlun watches chose Rebecca de Alba as the brand’s image ambassador is actually mainly due to her own elegant temperament. These are in line with the feelings to be interpreted by Kunlun watches, and Rebecca de Alba is a famous hostess in Mexico , Once had a vigorous love story with Ricky Martin.

 Of course, in addition to the match of temperament and appearance, Kunlun considers the growing market demand in Latin America and chooses to endorse with a local recognized star. This is one of the best marketing strategies.

 Rebecca de Alba also expressed generously that she likes the design of Kunlun watches very much. She is the first contact with the watch brand, so she also considers Kunlun a very special partner.