Seiko Prospex Canned Catfish Is Highly Waterproof Because Of These Key Designs

SEIKO’s Prospex Marinemaster Professional canned catfish is one of the must-have list for those who like diving watches, so what exactly makes canned catfish can make a hit in the watch market served by Swiss watch rings Your own way? Some people will say that the brand has a long history of developing diving watches. This is true. SEIKO’s first diving watch was launched in 1965, but the history of Swiss watchmaking diving watches may be a little earlier than SEIKO; there are also People can say that the shape of canned catfish is very special. Of course, this point is undoubted. However, the diving watch focuses on practicality and functionality. If you want to say that it looks very special, it can attract big ticket fans to pay. , This reason seems to simplify the concept of SEIKO design canned catfish too.

The reasons for the popularity of SEIKO diving watches mentioned above are actually correct, but they may be just one of many reasons. It is difficult for us to convince ourselves or others of the excellence of canned catfish with a long history and unique appearance, so we still have to return In terms of specifications and technical aspects, a rational analysis of what is special about its design can make it advertised with a water resistance of up to 1,000 meters.

Feature one: titanium alloy case

SEIKO is a pioneer in the application of titanium alloys to diving watches in table altars. The advantages of this metal are its lightness and corrosion resistance. For its seemingly large volume, it may cause long-term contact with seawater if it dives into the underwater environment. The corrosion problem, titanium alloy is a good solution.

Feature two: L-shaped waterproof gasket

The canned catfish itself is a one-piece structure without the addition of a bottom cover. The brand has independently developed an L-shaped waterproof gasket and a patented material, which allows the watch to reach a higher level of water resistance and air tightness.

Feature 3: Torque Control Bezel

Equipped with a 120-segment precision anti-reversing rotating bezel structure, which makes the bezel quite accurate and stable during one-way rotation, even if a mishap situation occurs, it will not affect the diver’s landing time count.

Feature 4: Exclusive nephew protection ring

Except for SEIKO, no other brand has made a design similar to the outer ring protection ring. In addition to being the basis of the peculiar shape of canned catfish, don’t forget that its own impact resistance and protection are developed by SEIKO. The purpose of this enclosure.

Feature 5: Snake belly rubber strap

The diving watch is reasonable with a rubber strap, but SEIKO additionally considers that the strap may need to be adjusted in the underwater environment, so it creates another brand’s exclusive bellows rubber strap, which is close to the two ends of the watch head. With a folding shape, it can be used as a reserved space for extending the length of the strap.

Feature six: the crown is set at 4 o’clock

The screw-down crown at 4 o’clock is not for fun, but it can be hidden in the outer ring to prevent the crown from being directly impacted or rubbed if the crown is set at 3 o’clock during hand movement, which indirectly enhances the safety of the watch. Sex.

The special design of the canned catfish mentioned above allows it to maintain a high level of water resistance and compression resistance. For a relatively recent example, in 2014, SEIKO had cooperated with the JAMSTEC unmanned detection machine ‘KAIKO 7000Ⅱ’, and then Carrying a canned catfish watch with a water-resistant kilometer when launching it underwater, it was a surprise, because the probe later penetrated the sea more than 3,000 meters, but the canned catfish was able to operate normally as usual, mostly because of the front The careful design mentioned can make the water resistance of canned catfish so reassuring.