Sports And Sport Certina Champions Watch Recommended

Certina watches have a high reputation in the world. From the brand innovation to the proposal of the double insurance concept, they have brought great surprises to the world. Although rich in watchmaking experience, Swiss watches are numerous and it is not the most outstanding one, so its popularity may not be very high.
 We are living in a time of rapid change. The huge pressure of life makes us often physically and mentally exhausted. People who have been “closed” for a long time in office buildings like to exercise during the rest time, relax their muscles, and face the future career with a better mental state. Torrent. In sports, wearing a professional sports watch will make you more professional and better urge you to walk into the gym and jump into the swimming pool to accompany you to sweat and enjoy a better life.

Certina, a Swiss sports watch brand, has been involved in many sports since the 1970s. Today, the Certina Championship watch model C001.514.16.057.00 that we introduce to you is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and fashion trends. It is not only loved by professional athletes, but also loved by ordinary people.
 The Certina Championship C001.514.16.057.00 watch has a very rare square appearance in a chronograph. It has a silver hour marker on the black dial and a small white dial to make it clearer. The brown leather strap is soft and comfortable, and the folding buckle with double insurance concept is easy to wear and safer at the same time.

 Equipped with high-quality ETA automatic mechanical movement, making professional timing functions more accurate. The practical dual calendar display window of the day and date reminds you that you will be busy and tired at work, and don’t forget that there are various sports that can help you relax your body and mind.
 Certina, as the leader in Swiss mid-range sports watches, always shows people at accessible prices. The Certina C001.514.16.057.00 watch equipped with a precise Swiss ETA movement, the price of 14,000 yuan also explains the brand’s ‘cost-effective’ characteristics.
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