The 2018 World Cup In Russia Is About To Start. The Official World Cup Official Timed With The Popular Naughty Wu Lei, Ignited Hublot’s Love Of Football And The China Tour Chengdu Station, And Shared The Green Passion!

[Chengdu, June 2, 2018] The Russian World Cup 2018 is approaching, the official World Cup official chronograph watch, and the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot takes the lead in 95 after the birth of Wu Lei. Fueling the greenery, the Hublot Love Football China Tour is coming to the Chengdu International Finance Center Mall (IFS), let us look forward to this summer football event!

Wu Lei appeared in Hublot Chengdu IFS store

Wu Lei Appears at Hublot Love Football Exhibition Chengdu Station

  Wu Lei’s football moment
  The Hubei Love Football China Tour Chengdu Station attracted Wu Lei, a post-95 talent student. As a representative of the new generation of forces, Wu Lei is full of sunshine and vitality in both film and television works and life. He constantly breaks through, and he also loves sports extremely. The green field is the best place for him to sweat and passion. This year’s World Cup will be held in the ‘College Entrance Examination’. At that time, Wu Lei, who has passed the important challenge of life, can finally enjoy the exciting moment brought by the ‘world’s first sport’ with Hublot.

Wu Lei Experiences Robot Soccer Games at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  On the same day, Wu Lei personally turned into a ‘goalkeeper’ on the ‘Hublot Stadium’ to challenge the penalty kick and showed his skills in table football. His aura of ‘ball’ constantly caused cheers on the scene.

Wu Lei Experiences Table Football at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  ‘My unforgettable World Cup moment was the last Brazil World Cup semi-final. At that time I missed the alarm clock reminder and waking up was the score at halftime. The German team has led Brazil 5: 0. Seeing that the team they support is behind, I felt very sorry at the time. Of course I will continue to pay attention to this World Cup! ‘-Wu Lei

Wu Lei’s Interactive Experience at the Hublot Love Football Exhibition

  Hublot’s football moment

Chengdu Hubei Love Football Site Map

  Hublot is the first luxury brand to cooperate with football. Over the past ten years, Hublot has not only served as the official timekeeper and official watch of the World Cup for three consecutive years, but also cooperated with many great football clubs and football legends. Including ‘Ball King’ Pelé, ‘Ball King’ Maradona, ‘Maniac’ Jose Mourinho, ‘Silver Fox’ Lippi and other joined the Hublot family And several times jointly presented the ‘Hubble Football Friendly Tournament’. The well-known Chelsea and Juventus football clubs have been Hublot’s partners for many years.

Chengdu Hubei Love Football Site Map

  The biennial World Cup is a global football event. The Hublot Love Football Tour in China focuses on the precious memories shared by Hublot and football since 2008. Whether it is the uplifting moment of holding the ‘Hercules Cup’ or the transfer of players on the sidelines, it is a precious memory for all players participating in the game and the football-watching audience. At the exhibition, ‘Hublot Moments’ is displayed together with a number of limited watches that record Hublot football stories, and there are more interactive football games waiting for you to challenge. After the Hublot Love Football Touring Exhibition in Xi’an, it came to Chengdu. It will also land in Vientiane City, Shenyang on June 12th. Follow-up visits to Beijing and Shanghai will fuel the entire 2018 World Cup season!

‘Hubble Love Football’ Chengdu Station Site Map