The Championship Table Of British F1 Legend Driver-rolex

Jackie. Sir Jackie Stewart won the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco three times between 1965 and 1973. Jackie Stewart, nicknamed the ‘Flying Scotsman’, is one of the most outstanding drivers in Formula 1 history on the track, but he is known outside the race for promoting safe driving in motorsport. He has been a Rolex spokesperson for almost 50 years, and his career at the pinnacle of Monaco is the most beautiful and exciting F1 track experience for him. Today he looked at his watch and reminded him of those brilliant achievements and how to win with superior technology and speed.

A Scottish-born F1 driver, who performed on the F1 stage from 1965 to 1973, and won the championship three times in 1969, 1971, and 1973. He was once selected as the fifth place in the history of F1. This shows the legendary status of the car world.

Jackie Stewart believes that his greatest gain as a race driver is that he has learned emotional management. He found that if emotions could be left behind, there would be fewer opportunities for error and more focus. He recalled that he usually won on the first five laps of the race at his peak-because his opponents were overly anxious, nervous, and overly involved. So whenever Jackie Stewart enters the cockpit, his emotions are set aside. This is especially important for the Formula One competition in Monaco, where he has won three times, which is considered to be extremely difficult, with an exceptionally high EQ.
A Rolex Daytona watch now worn by Jackie Stewart was won in one of Monaco’s classic events in the late 1960s. He has kept it for many years now and wears it frequently. He believes that the Daytona watch is indeed a classic watch, reminding him of the good old days and the most beautiful and exciting track conquest experience of the season.

Jackie Stewart and Rolex have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship. He won a Daytona watch when he won at a Monaco station at the peak of his career. He has kept it today and often wears it. The model is full of his strong standing in the world. Memories

Many famous figures gathered in Monaco for the competition that year, including The Beatles and movie stars such as Steve McQueen, Peter Ustinov, and Betty Davis. (Bette Davis) and Sean Connery (⋯⋯). This event is a classic of F1, and fully shows the excitement of the Grand Prix. Winning a race in Monaco has special significance. At the time, the attendees displayed elegant style, and every Saturday night, Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier held parties in the Royal Palace. Jackie Stewart once sat with these royal nobles and talked about racing experience. Monte Carlo races are rich in historical significance, and the watches he treasures are full of the same characteristics.
Fifty years later, this Daytona watch reminds Jackie Stewart how he can win with superior technology and speed. He believes that the watch will always be with him in the future, and can even be passed on from generation to generation-he has previously given some of his Rolex watches to his son, and now some of them have been passed on to his grandson. When Jackie Stewart first joined Rolex as a spokesperson, newspapers and magazines ran a UN-backed ad with the headline saying, ‘If you speak here tomorrow, Rolex watches are your best choice.’ Jackie Stewart thinks this is a very good statement. When he started to wear Rolex watches, he felt that he would have the opportunity to be smooth in the future.

For Jackie Stewart, this Daytona is like a substantial and beautiful return after hard work, accompanied by his memory of achievements in the wind and rain, which has kept him for more than 50 years.

Jackie Stewart mentioned that it feels very good to be a champion. He hopes that he can be a champion and do his best in everything he does, but it is a challenge. Today, as long as he looks at the watch, he can see it all: not only the superior quality, but also the fruits of his efforts, no matter when he obtained this watch in Monaco now or many years ago, What it means to Jackie Stewart is consistent.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

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