The Lightest, Most Dazzling And Sturdy All-weather Touch Watch

TISSOT Ttouch dazzling titanium series watch
    ● Movement Swiss quartz ETA movement ● Appearance Carbon fiber synthetic dial, wear-resistant sapphire crystal surface, titanium polished case, titanium strap or polymer rubber strap
Innovative keywords: titanium
    The Ttouch dazzling titanium series watches use titanium as the material for the case and strap, so that while it has a sturdy case, the weight of the watch is reduced to only 100 grams, making it more lightweight when worn. In addition, in addition to having a smoother surface than steel, titanium also has anti-sensitive properties, making the wearer more comfortable. Ttouch polished the titanium case to make it brighter and more stylish. The lightest, brightest and most sturdy all-weather touch watch in the world is sure to impress the hearts of sports men.