The Three Classic Bvlgari Models Have Evolved And Set New Benchmarks In Watchmaking (Part 1) —octo Series

In 2017, Bulgari foretold that its flagship series will be fully launched through original and contemporary brand new designs. Bulgari always believes in the promise of dreams and the value of leading the future. The new products launched this year will reflect the brand’s ultimate pursuit of modernity and beauty. The professional watchmaking workshop started in Rome is undoubtedly a temple dedicated to beauty. With classic reinterpretation, Bulgari’s three classic models, Octo, LVCEA and Serpenti, will once again set new benchmarks in watchmaking.

OCTO Roma watch-a new luxury watch for everyday use
   The heart of the ancient civilized world, the Eternal City, is a proverb: Roads lead to Rome. The same principle applies to OCTO watches: the idea of ​​the octagonal decoration on the ancient Roman cathedral, the prototype of the watch began in 2000 with a large complication watch, and then introduced the hour and minute hands in 2012 After the collection, which confirmed the excellent design skills of Bulgari, the classic appearance of OCTO watches gradually took shape. Today, Bvlgari interprets this watch in a new way, once again breaking the limit of octagonal design.

The OCTO ROMA watch case has a total of 58 facets, which are available in 18K rose gold, stainless steel, or 18K rose gold and stainless steel. Crown with ceramic bezel; water-resistant to 100M; black lacquer, silver-toned or Newsor sun-polished polished brown faceplate, polygonal hollow hands, hand-made hour markers, two-way automatic winding movement, Calibre BVL 191 Solotempo, hour hand, Minute and second hands, date window at 3 o’clock; Geneva ripples, chamfers and snails; 42-hour power reserve, stainless steel strap or black or brown alligator leather strap with folding or pin buckle, Depending on the style.
   Ancient philosophers advocated ‘quintessence,’ the ultimate example of matter or concept. Bvlgari chose to create another style for the OCTO series, and challenged this pure ideal to create a watch that is ingenious and reflects the pursuit of ultimate perfection. The new OCTO Roma watch condenses all the essence of the collection, while also injecting extra three-dimensional space. The OCTO watch is famous for its three-dimensional structured case with 110 facets. This time, through a strong and innovative design, it uses a new form to change around the geometric octagonal shape. The OCTO Roma is the watch of choice. It represents all those who refuse to compromise and subvert tradition. A classic and elegant ideal daily watch should not be limited to the traditional round faceplate. People who choose OCTO watches are willing to show their own personality and express their preferences, so they tend to choose watches with unique charm and lead them firmly into the future with strong and powerful designs.
   OCTO Roma will launch five models with white, black and brown dial designs, as well as stainless steel, 18K gold and steel two-tone or all 18K gold case. The one-piece leather strap is suitable for everyday wear, while a stainless steel bracelet with chain design is also available. OCTO is a stereotypical contrast, condensing all the ultimate essence.
Octo Finissimo skeleton tourbillon watch
   Time invites people to achieve perfection in a better way. The Bvlgari watchmaking workshop continues to explore the limits of beauty and elegance. The newly launched OCTO ultra-thin skeleton tourbillon witnesses the thinnest record of this type of watch by the Bulgari Octo ultra-thin tourbillon, and presents another masterpiece of beauty. .
   The Octo series of Bvlgari has been avant-garde in style since its inception. Its 110-faceted case, which shows its impeccable craftsmanship, stands out among many models. However, the key to Bulgari’s success in the market is the perfect proportion of watches. The ultimate model of Italian design, bold innovation without excessive display, while also taking into account the wear of the watch, the watch size after proper calculation, the perfect combination of elegance and masculinity. The most important element is naturally time itself. The Octo series is Bulgari pushing the ‘thinness’ of advanced watchmaking technology to the limit, which is about the most sophisticated and complex function of watchmaking-tourbillon.

OCTO FINISSIMO TOURBILLON SKELETON watch Platinum case, 44 mm diameter, water-resistant to 30 meters. Platinum crown with ceramic bezel, manually wound movement, Finissimo skeleton flying tourbillon, sapphire chassis, Calibre BVL 268, tourbillon frame fixed with ceramic ball bearing mechanism, 253 parts, 21,600 vph vibration frequency, 62 hours power reserve ; Thickness 1.95mm; hour and minute hands display; processing: beveled, round satin polished and ruled chassis and table bridge; barrel coated with black diamond-like carbon coating, equipped with beveled and round satin polished gears Series and three sets of ball bearing system, black alligator strap with buckle.
   The functional design of the tourbillon is to offset the gravity effect of gravity on the mechanical structure. Behind the operation mechanism of the tourbillon is the pinnacle challenged by advanced watchmaking technology. To place the hairspring, various components and escapement in such a thin and light tourbillon frame, a certain degree of professional and experienced knowledge and technology are required, and only a few craftsmen have this unique craft. Bvlgari’s home-made tourbillon movement BVL 268 is still the thinnest record holder. In 2017, Bvlgari continued to move forward, aiming to build an Octo Finissimo full skeleton tourbillon watch, unique in the world, and set a new model. Now the results are published. In the beautiful and elegant new work with a sense of modernity, with the color of the top technology, make the Octo series’ magical charm to a higher level.
   Octo Finissimo skeleton tourbillon is equipped with a fully skeletonized ultra-thin tourbillon movement composed of 253 parts, decorated with 13 jewels and 8 ball bearings, thereby reducing the thickness of the movement. The vibration frequency is 21,600 vph per hour, providing a 62-hour power reserve. In order to ensure the perfect performance and accuracy of the new product, the spring of the barrel is made of sliding spring, and the tourbillon frame is equipped with ultra-thin ceramic ball bearing mechanism. This unique movement is equipped with three sets of ball bearing barrels. The innovation is that the height of the spring is doubled, which increases the power reserve by nearly 80%. This is only achieved with the extremely thin tourbillon. Performance merit.
   To highlight the movement’s style, the Octo Finissimo fully skeletonized tourbillon case is made of platinum. The philosopher Immanuel Kant believes that ‘representation requires refinement and art, and the truth points to simplicity and calm.’ Bulgari Octo’s new masterpiece is undoubtedly a tribute to philosophers.
Octo Ultranero-the ultimate modern watch aesthetic
   The new Octo Ultranero black model continues the style of Bulgari’s modern large-scale model, while gradually solidifying and enriching in the year-long remodeling, it gives the watch with two ingenious changes that radiate the masculine charm of contemporary men. Available in an all black version, or a contrasting version with an extremely black dial set against red hands and red hour markers. The Octo Ultranero watch declares its pure style power through the elegant appearance of the wash chain. The perfectly structured case is treated with black diamond-like carbon coating, highlighting the solidity and absoluteness of Italian craftsmanship. The geometric design is immediately reminiscent of Italian architecture and contemporary furniture, such as the appearance of stealth fighters and even adding some mystery. All of these unique and original designs open a new interpretation for the watchmaking industry, which is suitable for the elegant pace of urban life and can be easily integrated into the leisurely and comfortable time. The Octo Ultranero watch incorporates a unique masculine style, dedicated only to all urban men.

OCTO ULTRANERO Watch The stainless steel case is coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating. Diameter 41MM; transparent caseback; screw-in crown, black diamond-coated carbon coating; water-resistant to 100 meters; black lacquered dial with black or red polygonal cut-out hands, and black or red hour markers, two-way Caliber BVL 193 manual winding movement with dual barrel, hour, minute and second hands display, date window at three o’clock; decorated with Geneva wave pattern, fish scale and chamfering treatment; guaranteed 50 hours power reserve, Rubber strap and stainless steel buckle with black diamond-coated carbon coating.
   The Octo case is an extension of Italian craftsmanship. The structure is confidential and complex, and the shape is simple and generous. The geometric structure, in a calm and elegant design, moderately renders the freehand design atmosphere, adding a unique taste to life. And all of this is due to the demands of Octo watches beyond effectiveness. On this basis, the Octo series can continue the spirit of Italian hedonism and create classic and extraordinary watches for confident men.