The Ultimate Pk Of Rolex Vs Omega Antimagnetic Watch

Rolex Green Glass VS Omega Bee Needle

 Open the door to see the mountains, not much to say. Lao’s green glass has always been a bull watch that ‘dominates’ the bezel, and has ‘poisoned’ countless table friends. Green face, lightning needle, no matter the second hand, there are few rivals in the underworld. However, since Ou Ji introduced the bee needle, which is famous for its 15,000 Gaussian ultra-high antimagnetic, last year, I feel that the opponent of green glass has finally appeared, antimagnetic vs antimagnetic, lightning vs bee, chess meets opponents, making it difficult for people to make a choice.

 Rolex Milgauss, commonly known as ‘green glass’

 Rolex has no calendar professional watch represented by green glass, Tanyi, Daytona, etc., has been loved by senior players. There is an endless stream of watch buyers and watch seekers. In short, Lau’s oyster watch is worth buying, and Lau’s professional watch is more worth buying.
The reason why green glass is powerful lies in the following points.

1. The green disk lightning needle is both ‘aggressive’ and ‘irritating’. 2, only steel models, no precious metal models, one step in place, will never be lowered. 3. Second-hand prices are firm and will rise steadily as the market changes. 4, Lao’s professional watch is sturdy and durable, whenever I can’t open almonds and walnuts, I hope I can have a steel worker on hand. 5, strong anti-magnetic ability, usually free to use, do not worry too much.
Above 5 points, let green glass lead the bezel, the same price, almost no opponents that can threaten it. Until a ‘little bee’ flew from Ou Ji.

 Omega’s new 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic watch

 The bee needle is a new 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic watch launched by Omega. The anti-magnetic means and values ​​have epoch-making significance. Since it can resist the green glass chamber, the bee needle naturally has a few extraordinary things.

1. The anti-magnetic watch has never penetrated the bottom. The bee needle is the first anti-magnetic watch with a bottom. Because its movement is made of non-magnetic materials, it does not need a dense bottom and a soft iron inner shell. 2. The large black and yellow seconds hand tells everyone that the bees are ‘toxic’ and be careful of ‘poisoning’. 3. Conscience in the price industry. 4, 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic value, the industry first. 5, Ou Ji coaxial movement, this family has no division.

 Green glass and bee needles are both about the price of ‘poison’, but if I don’t give an opinion, everyone should scold me. My point is that you can buy green glass for ‘stability’ and bee needles for ‘new’.