Time Setting Method Of Seiko Spring Drive Movement Model 5r66, 5r67

How to adjust the time of SNR019J1 and SNR021J1 watches of Seiko Spring Drive movement models 5R66 and 5R67? I will tell you something.
 When setting the time, make sure the watch is moving: the mainspring is fully wound.
 The 24-hour hand can be used in two ways. Due to the different forms of use, the time setting steps are different, please set in
Select the method before setting the time.
 Method 1: Only use the 24-hour hand as the morning (A.M) / afternoon (P.M) indicator to display the 24-hour time

This is the standard form of use for the 24-hour hand.
 Method 2: Use the 24-hour hand to indicate the time in different time zones.
For example: By setting the 24-hour hand to Greenwich Mean Time and setting the hour and minute hands to your own time at the same time, you can easily confirm Greenwich Mean Time with the 24-hour hand
How to set the 24-hour hand as a universal 24-hour indicator (when mode 1 is selected)
1. Pull the crown out to the second compartment

With the crown pulled out at the 12 o’clock position, the second hand stops at that position. When setting the time, make sure the watch is running and the mainspring is fully wound.
2. Turn the crown counterclockwise to set the 24-hour and minute hands to the current time.

Only the 24-hour hand and the minute hand are set at this stage. The hour hand can be set later. Therefore, it is not necessary to adjust the hour hand even if the hour hand indicates the wrong time. The date changes depending on where the hour hand is located. Don’t worry though, you can adjust it later. Set the minute hand slightly later than the appointment time, and then slowly turn back to the time you want to make an appointment.
3. Push the crown back to the original position with the time signal.
This completes the setting of the 24-hour hand, minute and second hands to the current time.
4. Pull the crown out to the first compartment.
5. Turn the crown to set the hour hand to the current hour.

In addition, the date needs to be adjusted at this time. The date is converted at midnight. When setting the hour hand, make sure that the AM / DOWN, etc. are set correctly. Turn the crown slowly and check that the hour hand moves in 1-hour increments. When the hour hand is adjusted, other hands will move slightly. This is not a malfunction.
6. After setting the time, push the crown back to its original position.