Time Travel On The Horizon Tenth Anniversary Celebration Of Shanghai Vacheron Constantin House

[Shanghai, May 27, 2018] Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Vacheron Constantin House in Shanghai and debuts the Métiers d’Art Master Series Les Aérostiers Hot Air Balloon Watch in China , Leading guests into a magnificent ‘time trip above the horizon’.
   In 2008, the Vacheron Constantin House was completed in the east of the “twin villas” at 796 Huaihai Middle Road, a historic building in Shanghai. It is the first boutique with an open customer service center created by a fine watchmaking brand in China. The Vacheron Constantin House, which integrates sales, customer service, exhibitions and attic craftsmen, not only displays a full range of brand products, but also provides customers from all over the country with respect and exclusive services. It has also become a new timepiece and rare Masterpieces debut in China’s top places.

Walk through the ‘Time Tunnel’ surrounded by a pillar of light and experience the extraordinary ’10’ years of Vacheron Constantin House
    On the night of the celebration, through a section of ‘Time Tunnel’ surrounded by pillars of light, a fantasy twin villa rendered by Huaguang came to the guests’ eyes. A giant hot-air balloon standing up to 6 meters stood in the twin villa gardens, resembling the 1783 Wonderful moment when mankind first realized the dream of hot air balloon flight. Then, a gorgeous light and shadow show instantly made this mansion that witnessed the passing of time more colorful, and the light and shadow changed, and the guests seemed to be in the ‘garden of light’.

A grand sound and light feast, the extraordinary moment of the 18th century mankind’s dream of flying with a hot air balloon

   At this event, the Vacheron Constantin House was transformed into an art space. The first floor is based on the theme ‘Salon des Arts’ and presents guests with amazing works of arts and crafts. Five Métiers d’Art Master Series Les Aérostiers hot air balloon watches first appeared in China. The brand’s hand-carved masters completed a pioneering work on a square-inch dial, using two extremely difficult arts and crafts-hand-embossed crafts (Bas-relief engraving) and plique-à-jour, faithfully restored the five hot air balloon flight feats completed in France between 1783-1785. And Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers master craftsman ‘Jinianlongteng’ watch, opaque Burgundy red enamel dial, decorated with hand-carved Jinlong pattern, implying wealth, authority and success, the carving process presents subtle nuances The dragon form is so beautiful and beautiful.

The twin twin villas sprang up in cups and plates to pay tribute to the witnesses of the legendary house of Vacheron Constantin for ten years.

   Following the wooden stairs, the Atelier des Merveilles on the second floor reveals the exquisite mechanical world of superbly complex timepieces. The most intricate and customized special timepiece in the history of fine watchmaking-reference number 57260 is displayed in the atrium on the second floor with its pride and style; and during this celebration, a number of watches that combine sophisticated features with exquisite arts and crafts, such as Les Cabinotiers, the attic artisan’s three-question tourbillon ‘Twilight Evening Moon’ watch, is a wonderful masterpiece of art and watchmaking. In addition, the brand’s many superb complex function watches are also wonderful, allowing guests to experience the smart charm of sophisticated and complex machinery.

(From left to right) On the evening of the 10th anniversary of the Vacheron Constantin House, Mr. Christian Selmoni, Director of Vacheron Constantin Style and Heritage, Ms. Clemence Charrier, Global Retail Director, Ms. Song Yilun, Chief Executive Officer of China, Mr. Liu Rongsong, General Manager of China, and Client Director of Loft Artisan Mr. Dominique Bernaz toasting

   On the third floor of the Vacheron Constantin House, a sound and light feast commemorating the dream of human flight began the dinner. The magnificent hot air balloon soars into the sky, leading guests into the wonderful moment of human beings’ continuous exploration and realization of dreams. With the change of background music and atmosphere, guests also experienced a creative and unique time. The hot air balloon journey from Geneva to Shanghai, from the 18th century to the 21st century, dreams lead the bright prospects, go all out and strive for excellence, just like this wonderful journey of time on the horizon, endless.