Unique Style Bulgari 2015 Baselworld New Product Summary

Bulgari has always been synonymous with fashion. Since the beginning of watchmaking, the brand has always presented a unique masterpiece. Whether it is the classic Octo or the individual Serpenti series, it has highlighted Bulgari Unique DNA. While inheriting the traditional classics, it continues to fuse modern styles and characteristics to create its own unique style of Bulgari. The 2015 Baselworld Bulgari became a beautiful scene at the watch exhibition. Both the booth and the new products are impressive. Let us enter the world of Bulgari watchmaking together.

  Bvlgari will introduce the concept of luxury smart watches at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair. The DiagonoMagnesium watch is the first result inspired by this concept. This self-winding mechanical watch combines all the luxury features in one, and is connected to its wearer with a unique ‘e-passport’, which provides comprehensive protection of its private data. This intelligent “treasury on the wrist”, which is a powerful combination of the world’s top luxury brand Bulgari and Swiss cutting-edge digital security and data storage company WISeKey, is a truly amazing product.
  For more watch details, please click: The birth of complex watches is to meet the desire of humans to pursue unique and extreme models, and it also represents the highest spirit of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. It not only pursues the highest state of human craftsmanship, but also has unique performance. This tourbillon watch has once again proved the superb craftsmanship of Bulgari.
  For more watch details, please click: The new Octo watch series must be the most familiar model for everyone. The Octo watch completely subverts traditional concepts, invites the world to explore a new world, witnesses the top visual and spiritual feast, and obtains a new and extraordinary experience. Octo watches shine brightly in the vast galaxy of high-end watches.
  For more watch details, please click: The Bvlgari Diagono series was first launched 25 years ago. At first glance, the Diagono series watches and the BulgariBulgari series watches have some similarities in appearance, but if you look closely, the design of the lugs and crowns is very different.

  For more details of the watch, please click: The gorgeousness and elegance of women’s watches are in the hands of Bvlgari designers. This watch is a combination of high-end jewelry and precision timepieces. The gorgeous diamonds are enough to make Women fall for it; the distinctive design shape allows time to pass in the brilliance, leaving the most beautiful memories, dotted every minute and every second of life.
  For more watch details, please click: The gorgeousness of women’s watches is naturally important, but creativity is more important to the brand. Creativity is not just a pile of diamonds, it is not just a list of precious metals, but also fantastic patterns and endowments. Deep idea. This watch places a beautiful starry sky on the dial. Under the dial is also dotted with bright flowers, so that the entire watch is full of fashion, elegant femininity.
  For more watch details, please click: With its inexhaustible creativity, Bulgari reinterprets the unique charm of the Serpenti series with a head-to-tail design. As the years go by, the enduring charm of the original classic icon is timeless. The new Serpenti series watches use a variety of diamond setting techniques and are inspired by the head-to-tail connection design of the Bulgari haute jewellery series. A number of stunning masterpieces have become the most proud of this renowned Italian jeweller. Product.
  For more details of the watch, please click: After seeing the complicated design, the simple design still has extraordinary charm. The double logo “BVLGARIBVLGARI” engraved on the ring not only highlights the family name of the Bulgari family, but also represents the tribute of Bulgari to the brand’s roots in Rome. The essence of culture is cast into his creative masterpiece.
  For more watch details, please click: Basel 2015: