Valentine’s Day Gift Omega’s New Constellation Pair Table

In 1982, Omega released a new watch, showing avant-garde and timeless design concept, this is the Constellation Manhattan Watch. The ‘claw’ design known today is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. This unique design not only enhanced the extraordinary beauty of the watch’s appearance, but also reflected the extremely high functionality in that era: the claws firmly fixed the sapphire crystal glass and washer on the case, thereby ensuring the watch’s Waterproof properties.

The earliest ‘claw support’ design introduced for functional considerations played an important role in the widespread popularity of constellation watches with its distinctive style, and its significance exceeded people’s imagination-‘claw support’ has become the definition The logo of this watch series.乎 Almost unlimited choices
The release scale of the new constellation series is unprecedented. Functionality and design are further enhanced, and dials and diamonds offer more options. This new watch series is bound to attract a wider target group-everyone can find at least one new constellation watch suitable for their own wear.
As with all Constellation watches, the new Constellation watches are both stylish and elegant. The newly designed constellation series is available in five sizes: diameter 24mm, 27mm, 31mm, 35mm and 38mm.
The dials of the new Constellation watches are available in a variety of colors, including silver, champagne, brown and black. Other models are very eye-catching with a white mother-of-pearl dial. Some of these dials are decorated with a pattern of rays radiating from the position of the star emblem. The triangular arched hands are either rhodium-plated or 18K red gold or yellow gold with a luminous coating.
Famous claws still appear on every constellation watch, but their design has been refined and upgraded ingeniously. The bracelet still has the familiar horizontal links, but this new ‘Mono Rang’ bracelet with butterfly buckle has been redesigned to further improve wearing comfort.
Constellation Deluxe Edition
Each constellation in the universe has the most eye-catching stars, and in the Omega constellation series, the most brilliant light is the constellation luxury watch.
The 米 Omega Constellation Luxury Edition watch is set with a large number of round diamonds set in the extraordinary technique of ‘Snowflake Inlay’. The seemingly random mosaic layout elegantly conveys the geometric beauty of each diamond of each watch.
Breakthrough imagination and blooming charm, the Omega Constellation Luxury Edition watch conveys the value and connotation of the new series. This series that shows infinite luxury charm is undoubtedly one of the most elegant watch series in Omega’s 161-year history.
Excellent tradition, perfect continuation
As an important core element of Omega’s glorious tradition, the Constellation Watch has been completely upgraded in the new series. It is extremely modern and blooms unlimited vitality. As a new distinguished member of the world-renowned constellation series, the new Omega constellation series perfectly interprets its original style, excellent design and technological innovation.