What Watches Do Wang Jianlin, Liu Qiangdong, Ma Yun, And Bill Gates Wear?

In China’s rich circles, the Wang Jianlin family not only ranks high, but also keeps talking. The ‘one hundred million small target’ of the Pharaoh was very vigorous here, and the ‘National Husband’ Pharaoh was in full swing. Super rich are best at making money. How do these super rich, including Pharaoh, spend their money on their wrists? Let ‘Watch World’ do it for you. Wang Jianlin loves to sing, and also loves Vacheron Constantin to sing. Everyone knows that singing is said to be ok, but I have never heard of it. So I decided to set a small goal this year-to listen to Pharaoh singing. Before this small goal is achieved, let’s take a look at the watch worn by Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s expression is very good when he sings. Pharaoh not only has a domineering character, but also a watch worn by him. That is the Vacheron Constantin heritage series of three-question perpetual calendar watch with a price of more than 5 million. So expensive? We think it’s expensive, maybe Pharaoh still thinks it’s cheap. Pharaoh is the richest man in China in the 2017 Forbes list, ranking 18th in the world. According to the 2017 Forbes list, Wang Jianlin’s wealth reached 31.3 billion U.S. dollars. Looking at it this way, Pharaoh bought a 5 million Vacheron Constantin and put it on his hands, and it really was nothing. Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Perpetual Calendar Watches Vacheron Constantin is one of the most famous top watch brands in China. Since its establishment for more than 260 years, it can be described as a ‘hundred-year-old shop’. Its inherent aristocratic temperament has attracted many rich and big coffees. Liu Qiangdong, a face-blind patient, Dai Athen Liu Qiang-dong once said, ‘My face is blind, which means that I have no idea who is beautiful or who is not beautiful. To be honest, I am not with her (milk tea girl) because she is beautiful because I do n’t know if she’s pretty or not. ”I do n’t know if the tea-tea girl is pretty or not. Liu Qiangdong said that his face blindness seems to be able to compete with Ma Yun’s phrase“ I do n’t like money ”. Regardless of Liu Qiangdong’s face blindness, at least from the public information, Liu Qiangdong still loves milk tea girls. In terms of watches, Liu Qiangdong chose the Ulysse Nardin fantastic tourbillon. Athens currently belongs to Kering Group, and Puma and Gucci are one. The coolest part of the fantastic fantasy tourbillon is that there is no traditional hour, minute, dial and crown in the traditional sense, and the time is displayed by the movement that is always rotating. The upper splint displays minutes and the lower splint displays hours. Breakthroughs and innovations in technology make the overall design of the watch very avant-garde, which belongs to the kind of watch that you will never forget. Li Ka-shing My dish is Citizen Li Ka-shing, perhaps the richest person in the domestic wealth list. Anyway, since I care about the wealth list, he has always ranked first. Only in recent years has the number one position slowly started to change. Nonetheless, he is one of the top big men. He said that Li Ka-shing was really amazing. No wonder people sent the nickname ‘Superman Li.’ Citizen is good. Who knows who uses it? Among the super-rich, Li Jiacheng is famous for his diligence and thrift. He often wears a suit and tie for ten or eight years. Such a ‘tycoon’ rich man thinks and knows that he will not spend too much money on his watch. He usually wears a Citizen quartz watch, which is worth only a few thousand Hong Kong dollars, which seems to be inconsistent with his status. But people don’t care, they still wear Citizen to sign various large orders worth hundreds of millions. Who said that super rich must wear top watches? Li Jiacheng likes Citizen. Bill Gates wears a $ 10 watch. I am proud that the super-rich Dai Hao is not unusual. It is strange to wear cheap watches, or even cheap ones. I thought that Citizen Li Ka-shing wore the bottom of the super-rich watch. Who knew that Bill Gates’ watch made me completely aggressive? He actually wore a watch that cost only $ 10. Why is the richest man in the world me every time, so boring! Who can take my class? I heard that Jack Ma in China has the potential to be the founder of Microsoft Corporation, and Microsoft founded by Bill Gates has a monopoly on computer operating systems. Turn on the computer, there is a world of ‘warm and funny’ everywhere. Since I was a kid, Bill Gates has been the richest person in the world, and he is still the richest professional household. His home cost nearly $ 100 million, and he still owns a whale shark at home! However, as for the watch, obviously Bill Gates was not willing to spend money and did not care about it. On. As for what brand, I really don’t see it. Buffett’s loyal fan of Rolex Some people speculate in stocks to lose their homes and commit suicide; others also make a lot of money and become winners, such as Buffett, nicknamed ‘share god’. In the 2017 Forbes Global Rich List, Buffett ranked second. I heard that the Rolex Day Calendar 3155 caliber has been upgraded to a 3255 caliber. It is necessary to build a Rolex Day Calendar 40. In the virtual securities market, Buffett is like a fish. But when he bought the watch, he still believed in a solid and durable brand. Rolex is a brand that Buffett likes. Buffett often wears his weekly calendar type and points in the stock market. We know that the day of the week calendar can be called Rolex’s flagship series. It is made entirely of precious metals and is naturally expensive. Among watch brands, Rolex is also recognized as one of the most value-saving brands. Ma Yun Dai Baoqilai Ma Yun has always been able to speak, no matter Chinese or English, there is a continuous stream of eloquence, and there are a lot of wonderful words, and it didn’t take long for them to become the classic quotations of the Mars that everyone chanted. If I choose a watch, it is Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay, which he founded, which bring a lot of convenience to the people. Although the Taobao fake problem also caused some negative effects, it is undeniable that Ma Yun is an outstanding entrepreneur with ideals. Ma Yun wears the Edmar series watches with a simple three-pin design. In terms of wearing watches, Ma Yun chooses the low-profile Carl F. Bucherer Edmar watches. This watch costs over 40,000, and it is a simple three-pin design, which is very suitable for dressing. Bucherer is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. This place has mountains and water, beautiful scenery and is a good place for tourism. Ma Huateng Earl is suitable for me. I think Ma Huateng’s biggest contribution is to create QQ and WeChat. Especially for the latter, everyone is using it almost every day, and there is no need to feel uncomfortable all day long. We used to exchange business cards when we met for the first time. Now we often add WeChat directly, which is simple and environmentally friendly. Wechat and QQ, both hands must be on the table altar, Piaget is known for ultra-thin dress watches and jewellery. Piaget’s ultra-thin watches have also broken the Guinness World Records. However, the Polo series focuses on sports, revealing a sense of leisure. Polo FortyFive chronograph watch Ma Huateng is wearing Piaget Polo FortyFive chronograph watch, the price is more than 160,000. The Polo FortyFive chronograph watch uses Piaget’s own movement and has complex functions such as flyback. Li Yanhong sought him thousands of Baidus, and there are not many super-rich people who have been associated with the ‘100’ technology. Baidu founder Li Yanhong is one of them. As a professional and technical talent, Li Yanhong also has a keen sense of business. Under his leadership, Baidu eventually became the boss of domestic search engines. I have a lot to do with ‘Bai’. The watch I wear is also a watch worn by Li Yanhong with the last name ‘Bai’. It is also related to ‘Bai’, that is, Patek Philippe. According to information, Li Yanhong has a Patek Philippe 5167. In the list of various types of watches, Patek Philippe always tops the list, which seems to coincide with Baidu’s position in the domestic search engine. Patek Philippe 5167 Figure 5167, commonly known as ‘Grenade’, is a sports and leisure Patek Philippe. The watch is a junior hand with a calendar structure. It is available in different material versions and is equipped with the classic 324SC self-winding movement. Zong Qinghou is a low-key person, wearing a high-profile watch. Although the Wahaha found by Zong Qinghou is a household name, he is very low-key. He is not only quiet, but also not interviewed by the media. However, when it comes to choosing watches, Zong Qinghou is not very low-key. His watches include Vacheron Constantin and Rolex. Be low-key, wear a watch, huh. . . The Date 41 Vacheron Constantin is a line of perpetual calendar watches, while Rolex is a date watch. I think Zong Qinghou is very visionary, and he is very good at selecting tables. The two watches have different positioning and different styles. Vacheron Constantin is more formal, Rolex is more casual, helping Zong Qinghou to navigate different occasions.