Why Buy Gold And Rose Gold?

It is not too late to get to the topic. After writing several articles about the movement in succession, I decided to write an article that was completely linked to ‘money’. High-energy warning ahead, brothers who think that buying a watch is too ‘superficial’, and think that buying a watch is considered ‘uninteresting’, please avoid it, because the following content is related to these. Brothers who are interested in watch prices, or brothers who are considering changing hands, please continue.
We all know that there are several types of gold watches.
   Gold is gold, platinum, rose gold (also red gold), and platinum. Platinum is the most expensive gold. It is not at the same level as the previous three types of gold. A platinum case watch is more expensive than the gold, platinum, and rose gold models of this watch, and it is not a little more expensive. To about 40% (this is a number I roughly wrote). For example, the public price of Patek Philippe Platinum’s 5140P is more than 790,000, and the gold 5140J is more than 620,000, which is more than 100,000. So platinum is beyond our scope.

Gold case 5140J (top) and platinum case 5140P (bottom)
   Gold, rose gold, and platinum are all one thing, and the case is now made of 18K gold. Because different metals are added to gold, it causes gold to appear in different colors. When tin and nickel become white, it is white gold, and when copper is multi-color, red is rose gold. So platinum, rose gold, and gold are one thing.

   White gold, gold, rose gold, some brands of watches, or some jewelry, different gold but the same price. But for many brands, there will be some differences in the price of different gold shells. For example, the most typical version of a Rolex watch is the same in gold, rose, and platinum. Gold shells are the cheapest, rose gold and platinum shells are a little more expensive. For example, Rolex’s new 40mm DD, the price of the gold case 228238 is 250,000, the rose gold 228235 case is 280,000, and the platinum case 228239 is also 280 (I took the whole number, and the platinum case 228206 is 480,000) . Both rose and platinum are more expensive than gold. This is because many white and rose golds have added extra precious metals. We all know that platinum and rose gold are special in color, but the disadvantage is that they will change color over time, and the color will be dark. At the same time, platinum needs to be plated with rhodium on the outer layer, which will wear out over time. To prevent this, Rolex will improve the ‘ingredients’ of platinum and rose gold. Add platinum to platinum and rose gold to make the color stable and do not change color for a long time, so Rolex’s rose gold is called eternal rose gold, and platinum is called eternal platinum. The method is similar for other brands of watches.

Rolex’s various gold versions of DAY DATE 40, from left to right, are eternal rose gold, platinum, eternal platinum, and gold.
   The ‘ingredients’ of rose gold and platinum become complicated. Some need rhodium plating, and some add platinum. The price is higher, so this is why some rose and platinum are more expensive than gold. When we went to the counter to buy a watch, there were no problems. Platinum, gold and rose gold were free to choose.

But when we get tired of wearing our watches, the difference comes out.

   I said two things I encountered some time ago. I shot a platinum Breguet 7057 a while ago. The public price of platinum 7057 is 218500, and the public price of rose gold is 217800. You can use this price as a reference. At that time, the star of a TV drama, just happened to wear a 7057 on the TV, just like the watch in my hand. The TV series is very hot. I watched it well. The stars are of the same style, which is convenient for shooting. The fact is, I haven’t been out for a long time, because many players think my watch is expensive. They all came to bargain, and when I saw blood, I hurt. I also know that I lost money on the platinum shell, the ‘cheap’ selling of the platinum shell and the ‘expensive’ selling of the rose gold shell, and the gap between them is not small. In the secondary market, rose gold is more expensive than platinum. less. In the end I discussed the price reduction, and then came out.

Platinum 7057 (top) and rose gold 7057 (bottom)
   The second thing. A brother wants to change the watch. What’s new is that everyone else is tired of wearing this watch in his hand. He wants to sell it, and then buy a separate watch. This brother is wearing a platinum Vacheron Constantin 85180 in his hand, and then wants to exchange for a rose gold 85180. Same watch, want to change to another gold shell version. When I first heard my brother tell me about this, I was still surprised. I had never seen such a situation before. The official price of Vacheron Constantin’s 85180 white gold case and rose gold case should be the same (I checked it online), but in the case of changing the table (in the secondary market), the price is different. The 85180 rose gold case is more expensive than the white gold case. Even if you find a rose gold case, you will have to make up the difference if you change the table, and there should be a difference of 88,000. The difference is not small. This matter has yet to come to an end, and I also want to know if he can switch to it in the end.

Vacheron Constantin Platinum 85180 (top) and Rose Gold 85180 (bottom)
   In fact, these situations are normal. Platinum looks like a steel watch. It costs a lot of money to buy a gold watch, but people who do n’t know it still think it is a steel watch. Many people will feel awkward. If I am, I also want to think Change the table. Most people have this mentality, so it affects the market situation. For the same watch, gold and rose gold go higher, and the price of platinum is lower. This situation can even affect platinum watches in some cases. Although the value of platinum is higher than gold, rose gold, and platinum, platinum also looks similar to steel watches, which has led to some non-hot platinum watches (note that I am talking about non-hot watches, not those famous models) ), When changing hands, in the secondary market, the value drops. So as we have seen, Patek Philippe, Rolex, etc., many popular watches are gold, rose gold versions, which is a matter of preference for many people (except 5296G orbital surface).

Patek Philippe orbital surface 5296G, orbital surface 5296G is a very popular platinum watch.
   I like gold and rose gold because the color is golden at first glance. You don’t need to look at the dial to be blue, like the platinum and blue ghosts, to know that it is a platinum watch. This reminds me of a while ago when I went to buy a ring, all kinds of gold, the same price, and finally gold. I ca n’t wear a watch. I wear a watch for a while and always want to change it. The brothers who always change watches are higher in gold and rose gold than in platinum. You can refer to this situation. Brothers who are not bad money please feel free.