With The Value And Technology, Cartier’s New Generation Of Sandos

Santos is one of Cartier’s most famous watches. Last year, Cartier launched a new generation of Sandos. In addition to optimizing the design and improving the appearance, Cartier’s latest patented technology is also used. At that time, I was very interested in this watch, hoping that I could start with one. A while ago, I bought a new type of Santos, and it turned out to be great.

Cartier new generation of Sandos
 In the design of famous watches, if Cartier ranked second, no one could rank first. Cartier Santos is considered to be the first watch in the world. It was born in 1904 and has been for more than 100 years, but it is still one of the hottest watches on the market today. Cartier’s main models, blue balloons, Santos, tanks, including the new key series, are all popular styles in watches, and I think it is very powerful that these watches, increase the size is the men’s watch, reduce the size Is the female watch, the design reaches the best balance point. In terms of design, only classic designs such as Rolex DJ, Omega Constellation and Jaeger-LeCoultre can rival Cartier. In addition, I feel very deeply over the years. In terms of markets, Cartier has well controlled discounts around the world, ensuring that Cartier watches can have a relatively strong market in both the primary and secondary markets. . At this point Cartier surpassed many brands.

Cartier’s new Santos full range, including steel shell, gold, all gold, hollow out and other models.
 In the past, when I talked about some watches, I started with the appearance of the watch, and then talked about the movement from the watch and the inside, and finally the strap, and even often did not mention the strap.
Today, this new Santos, I have to do the opposite, starting from the bracelet.
 Many players pay attention to the technology on the watch, especially the movement technology. But I must say that the important technology on the watch is not just on the movement, just like when we look at the car, we have to look at many other places besides the engine and gearbox. Players who buy more watches will experience it. The strap is a thing that requires a little bit of care. Belts and tapes will wear out after wearing for a long time. Replace the straps with raw ears; steel and gold chains. To adjust the length, use a screwdriver or a tool. In some cases, when removing the strap and bracelet, it is easy to twist the screw head, or scratch the lug, leaving a trace.

The biggest technical feature of Cartier’s new Sandos is on the bracelet.
 Many brands discovered this problem and started to introduce quick release devices for straps. A spring pin or button is added to the strap, which can directly remove the strap or bracelet from the lug, without tools, just press it with your hand. Many famous watches now have this function. For example, Vacheron Constantin can be used to switch between steel chains, belts and tapes. The problem of changing the strap is solved, but the steel chain and the gold chain cut the watch chain still need tools. And Cartier’s new Sandos uses a patented technology to solve the problem of the watch chain.

Hidden buttons on the new Santos bracelet. As soon as you press the hidden button, the bracelet axis will pop up and you can disassemble the links at will.
 Cartier’s new Sandos bracelet (steel or gold) has a hidden button on the inner edge of the link. At the push of a button, the metal shaft on the side of the link pops up. Similar to a sim card on a mobile phone, as soon as you press it, the sim card pops up. Pull out the ejected metal shaft, a chain link is separated, and so on, you can cut it to its proper length. If you want to add a chain link, just put the chain link and the bracelet on the chain, insert the metal shaft, push it with your finger, it will automatically jam inside, and the bracelet will be extended by one section. So Cartier’s new Sandos can cut the bracelet by itself without any tools, which is very convenient. This is Cartier’s patent and is currently unique among watches. At the same time, I very much hope that other brands can also launch and popularize similar features, this feature is too practical.
In addition to the new patented bracelet, the new Santos has also been upgraded from the case to the movement.

Cartier’s new Sandos
 First of all, the new Sandos is still available in three sizes: large, medium and small. Men’s watches are mainly large, with a size of 39.8 millimeters. Although the numbers are not very large, because of the square case, the length between the upper and lower ears is very long, 47.5 millimeters, so it is not small to get started. At the same time, the new Santos case has increased the curvature of the case, which is more fit. The new Santos has a thickness of 9.08 mm and is relatively thin. In terms of the bezel, the new Santos bezel is not a standard square. At the upper and lower ends of the bezel, the bezel is fused to the lugs. The old Santos bezel is a square. The eight iconic screws on the bezel and the blue spinel on the crown remain unchanged. Cartier’s treatment of the case is absolutely first-rate. The bezel is polished, the front and sides of the case are brushed, and the sides of the case are similar to the chamfered polishing.

Cartier’s new Santos has a calendar at 6 o’clock.
 There are also some changes to the new Sandos plate. First of all, the new Santos adds a calendar at 6 o’clock on the plate. The old model has no calendar. So identify new and old models at a glance, just look at the calendar at 6 o’clock. The new model uses track scales in the middle of the dial, reducing the size of the Roman numerals, and replacing the old luminous hands with blue steel hands. From the changes of the dial and the case, the old model has a rougher appearance, and the new Santos becomes more refined.

Contrast between old and new Shantou, left is new, right is old.
 The new Santos uses Cartier’s own 1847MC movement. 1847MC was first introduced in 2015, used on the Cartier key series, and then began to be used on the new blue balloons and Santos. Cartier uses the 1847MC and 1904MC movements to replace the original ETA movements on the main series. A major technical feature of the 1847MC movement is the escapement. The 1847MC movement uses a nickel-phosphorus escapement fork and escape wheel. The nickel-phosphorus escapement is manufactured using photo-etching, which has a very high processing accuracy, which is conducive to improving the accuracy of the watch. At the same time, the new nickel-phosphorus escapement enhances the magnetic resistance of the movement. In addition, the new Santos has a magnetically shielded inner case and a magnetically shielded ring in the case, which is very secure.

Cartier 1847MC movement
 1847MC movement swings 28800 times / hour, power 42 hours (some say 48 hours). Judging from the actual time I wear this watch, it is 2 or 3 seconds per day and the travel time is accurate. Compared with Lao, European, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other brands, Cartier’s mass production models do not put the main attack direction on the movement (except for the complicated watches such as the Cartier Tourbillon, Minute Repeat and Perpetual Calendar), but Cartier’s self-produced movement is practical It is technically guaranteed. After all, like the 1904MC, in addition to Cartier, the brother model of the 1904MC was also adopted by Earl and Vacheron Constantin.

Cartier’s new Sandos
 Cartier’s new Santos, steel shell large public price is 50500. Cartier Santos and Blue Balloon are also the main players in the range of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. Everyone is very familiar with them. Because Cartier’s popularity and recognition are very high all over the world, and its circulation is relatively strong, so whether it is watches or jewelry, the market is relatively strong, which is an advantage of Cartier. Cartier has always been known as ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the emperor of the jeweler’. Cartier’s strength in watches and jewelry is very strong. Watches and jewelry, the new series out of the fire, the classic series is still enduring. When it comes to designing watches and jewelry, few can surpass Cartier.
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